Artist Statement

Growing up in an artistic family, I designed metal and glass tables in my parent’s furniture design studio. Looking for a way to decorate the table’s glass tops, I apprenticed and studied the old world craft of wheel engraving. Deciding to set up a studio of my own, I sought out and refurbished original equipment used by turn-of-the-century glass cutters. I began showing my wheel engraved designs at art fairs in the 70’s and realized I wanted this as my career.

Curiosity led me to explore other hot and cold glass working techniques resulting in my work constantly evolving. Naturally, I called upon my earlier metal working skills to combine different metals with glass to create contemporary sculpture.

I strive to create pieces with clean lines ranging from fluid to geometric and feel the combination of glass and metal allow me to accomplish this in my contemporary wall sculptures and furniture designs. I begin with a basic sketch then construct a cardboard or wood maquette to achieve proportion during the design process. This process is fundamental in determining the use of different materials to achieve texture and dimension in each piece. Currently, my work is created from a combination of various textured metals and fused and crystal glass.

Monday, May 17, 2010


The large curved piece with the glass disc in the center is so new we didn't have a chance to photograph it before our first show in Birmingham, MI last weekend so I shot this in the booth. We had a great show and thank all who attended and the staff who worked so hard to put it all together.

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